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fwee - Blurry Pudding Pot

fwee - Blurry Pudding Pot

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Why we love it

-        The innovative blurring pudding formula fills in lip wrinkles and smoothes them.
From lips to cheeks, it beautifully colors with just one finger.

-        The fluffy moisturizing pudding formula combined with blurring powder fills lips comfortably and blurs wrinkles and pores.

-        You can achieve a seamless blush merging effect that seamlessly spreads on your lips and cheeks, as if they are originally tinted.

-        From a seamless overlip with a boundary-free, gentle blending effect to a smooth and flushed cheek expression, everything is possible.

-        Create your own mix and match

Featured ingredients

Enriched with Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter and Agave Tequilana Leaf extract for a soft and moisturizing care.

How to use

1. Apply an appropriate amount of content to your fingertips.
2. Apply the colour to your lips first.
3. Tap the remaining amount on your hands and apply it to your cheeks.
4. Apply the residue gently to areas like under the nose, corners of the eyes, and jawline to create a subtle mood.

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