Nail Art & Add-ons


Add ons/Nail Art:

Luxury Package | $15

Enhance your experience by adding on the luxury package! In addition to your base service, this package includes an exfoliating scrub, hydrating mask, and extended massage. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

Basic Design | $20+

Ranges from the traditional French design to a few accent nails.

Ombre / Gradient Design | $30

Blush, ombre or gradient nail design.

Intermediate Design | $40+

Includes uncommon French designs to abstract art and simple marble.

Advanced Design | $60+

Includes high-level stone art, detailed drawings, full bling designs, the choice is yours!

Acrylic/Hard-gel/Soft Gel removal | $20+

Please note we only fill over other’s work on a case-by-case basis. This fee only applies after thorough consultation with your technician. This fee applies anytime you are removing hard gel or soft gel.

*All removals must come with a manicure service

Gel Polish removal | $15

If your previous gel polish manicure done by us gel polish removal will be performed at no additional cost.

*All removals must come with a manicure service.

Nail Fix/Correction | $10+

Broken nail? Crooked nails? Curved nails? Add this onto your service if you need a little extra care!