No-Mani Manicure | $40

For a plain Jane that just likes to maintain their nail health without any polish or clear regular polish. Clear polish/nail strengthener optional.

Regular Polish Manicure | $50

Not a fan of gel polish? No problem. Book for professional regular polish application. Designs are not possible with regular polish at this time.

Gel Polish (Shellac) Manicure | $60

Chip-free colour that lasts 2 weeks that can be soaked off. If previous work was done by us removal will be performed at no additional cost.

Soft Gel Overlay (BIAB - Builder in a bottle) | $85

Our 2nd most popular service! Strong like an overlay but offers the option to be soaked off. Great for clients who have short - medium length nails. Lasts longer and an upgrade to gel polish.

Hard Gel Overlay/Structured Manicure | $80

Perfect for those that want to grow out their natural nails or maintain its length but find that the gel polish service is not strong enough to withstand the length they want to maintain. Highest commitment service as it does not soak off as easily as soft gel.

Soft Gel Refill (BIAB) | $80

Please book this appointment if you had an initial BIAB overlay done with us. We don’t fill over other’s work for this service.

Hard Gel / Structured Gel Refill | $75

Our most popular service! Please book this appointment if you’ve already had an initial overlay or gel extension service done and you just want to maintain results. Please note we only fill over other’s work on a case-by-case basis.

*Any fills over 4 weeks is considered an overlay service.

Gel Extensions | $135

Perfect for those that want to skip the wait and get instant length on their nails ASAP. The length is built with forms customized to your natural nails. This can only be done with hard gel.

GelX Extensions | $135

Experience instant soft gel nail extensions with GelX. Our expert technicians will craft beautiful and durable extensions that provide a natural look and feel. Customize your nails with a wide selection of shapes, lengths, and finishes to match your unique style. It's important to note that our GelX service can be refilled once, ensuring long-lasting results, and when you're ready for a change, the extensions can be easily removed by soaking them off.

GelX Extensions Refill | $85

This service is followed by a refill for your gelx extension set done by us! Maintain your gelx extensions one more time with our BIAB refill.

Includes nail shaping, cuticle care, prep for polish application, exfoliation, scrub, relaxing massage and hot towel. If previous work was done by us removal will be performed at no additional cost.