At-home brow/lash care

Some simple tips on how to maintain your luscious lashes and fluffy brows at home!

  1. Brows - avoid retinols and exfoliants (AHAs, BHAs, physical scrubs, etc.)

    Ugh, we know. Sorry skincare junkies. These type of products help increase skill cell turn over thus your brow tint may not last as long. But also, avoid if you just got a wax. Retinols and exfoliants may cause a reaction because the waxing has already done some exfoliation. Wait at least a few days and observe until skin has completely gone back to normal for at least 24 hours.


    We repeat. DO NOT PICK! At your brows or your lashes. If you feel any discomfort please notify your lash/brow technician immediately.

  3. Do not get them wet for at least 24 hours after your service.

    This helps with adhesion (lash extensions) as well as curing of product (tints, lifts, and lamination).

Extra care for Lash Extensions

  1. Keep them clean and brush regularly.

    Keeping your lashes clean is extremely important for adhesion, hygiene, and to avoid infection. Make-up, sebum, tears, and skill cell build-up can lead to a very irritated lash line thus affecting lash health and adhesion. Before, lash artists used to recommend oil-free options to keep the lash line clean but current-day adhesives are much more resilient. Always take your lash artists product recommendations into consideration for your individual situation.

  2. Avoid high heat near the eyes.. and don’t even think about lash curlers

    Heat can easily singe your brand new eyelashes. Be cautious of it in certain situations such as curling your hair or blowing out candles. Eyelash curlers will permanently damage your lashes and leave an unsightly bend in them. If you want more curl, ask your lash artist what your options are!

  3. Please don’t put on mascara.

    We’ve seen this too many times.. if you are getting close to your fill due date, please avoid the urge to put on mascara. There are many nooks and crannies in your eyelashes and mascara is extremely difficult to fully remove and keep clean.
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